CrossFit – The latest trending fitness regime amongst people. I also heard about crossfit a few years back and as everyone, started searching on the internet about it. And I concluded that these are high intensity exercises and after looking at some of the movements thought I should give it a try. I just started on my own looking at some of the exercises videos online and within weeks I could sense soreness in my shoulder and a dull pain too. So, felt crossfit is not for me and is an injury prone workout regime and was back to my normal gym routine.

Then I met Shivoham at my “First Devils Circuit” run and told him about my experience. He advised me  to train from the start, get the basics correct, don’t look at a pro athletes and follow their workout as they have trained years to get to that level. That’s when I thought I will give it a shot under a certified trainer at a gym. And found 9th gear Fitness which was close to both my work place and home. I started learning the basics and getting used to the movements before getting into weights. After a few months under Shiddharth and I learnt how important warmups, stretching and cool down exercises are. They are essential every day before starting workout and after completion of a workout no matter if you do crossfit or weight training. Also the importance of mobility as to how it effects your performance. For more on it you can read my article here about my experience.

Now after 6-7 Months of crossfit training and I felt I had learnt all the basics that was there to learn. I had this feeling of wanting to learn more. And what better way than learning from the man himself @shivoham, the legend who bought CrossFit to India and has been into crossfit for a very long time now. I have been a keen follower of  him on social media and seen an opportunity to participate in a 1st of its kind competition he had conducted across India and i participated in the Mumbai leg. And the end of the competition, i knew i have a lot to learn from this man. There was lot more to CrossFit then what I was used to doing.

Then one fine day saw an update on social media regarding A two Day Shivfit Level2 workshop, and after inquiring with them i just registered with my buddy Ashwyn for the workshop and was ready to learn from the best in Crossfit in India.

The above images are some of the glimpses from the workshop 

It was 2 days full of learning and lots of knowledge shared and also loved being part of the community. Which is to help each other and at the same time be competitive and enjoy each others success. This is also when i came to know that there are people all across India who wants to learn Crossfit. When I felt i was the only person travelling from far off to reach the place there i met people coming from all parts of India, like Manipur, Surat, Ahmadabad, Chhattisgarh.

So basically who All should attend this Courses/Workshops ?

  • Gym Trainers who want to know basics of crossfit can start from Level1 .. Level 2.. and so on and it will immensely help in their knowledge.
  • Gym Owners/Crossfit Box owners who wants to learn the basics of crossfit and conducting a class or batch of crossfit.
  • Someone who plans to open a crossfit box/gym and want to learn the basics.
  • Self learners like me who are into a 9-5 Job and have access to gym but no certified trainers around and want to do it yourself.

Because as Shivoham says .”One has to experience the workouts themselves before you give the workouts to your clients”.

And if you think this workshop is only going to be a theory kind of workshop and no exercises/workouts then you are in for a surprise. Expect some high intensity WODs. We did the FRAN ;).

We did a Power Clean and Burpee Partner WOD

I surely have learnt a lot from these 2 days of wisdom. So if anyone wants to know and learn about crossfit, you guys can check their website and follow them on facebook, instagram etc. and start your journey to fitness.

Always remember Fitness has to be a journey not a shortcut that you look for. For example : If your goal is to write a book, You need to be clear on writing A B C D … Then you learn to frame a word, then a sentence, then correct the grammar, then get into an essay, then you have the experience to write a book.

So do not look for shortcuts or get let down by small failures. Just keep going with a positive mind set… step by step. And don’t stop learning .. keep learning gather as much knowledge as you can and implement them.

Picture Credits: Shivfit

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