You can call me ‘Viju’- easier to pronounce and remember. I am a web designer / developer from Mumbai, India. And have been in this field for almost 8+ years now. I have done more than 100+ websites ranging from corporate websites, artists portfolio website, websites for films, event websites, animated websites, E-commerce sites, Portals etc. And still there is so much more to learn. Every new project is a new learning curve for me.

I am also Founder and Director of Episkope Infotech Pvt Ltd, a small startup formed by a few friends of mine and me. Our team now consist of 6-8 people. We provide services like website design and development, desktop applications, embedded system and venturing in to mobile applications hopefully soon.

Apart from working I believe in staying fit and whenever I get time I try to hit the gym and workout. As fitness has helped me to to stay focussed and live worry-free of illness or aches.