How I trained for the half Marathon in 4 weeks – SCMM 2015


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2 Responses

  1. Praveen says:

    Nice blog. This sounds like a perfect plan for first time marathoners. What is the exact leg workout that you mentioned? And what kind of body exercises?

  2. Vijalesh says:

    Hi Praveen, The leg exercises mentioned were 1) Squats (with weith or free squats if you are starter its better to do without weights) 2) Lunges (free or with weights) 3) leg Curls 4) Hamstring Curls 5) Leg Press 6) Calf Raises – Also make sure to do stretching exercises for legs to avoid any minor injuries. You have to do these exercises not daily but twice or thrice a week . For upper body you can concentrate on abs as you need a strong core to get the extra strength too. And other upper body exercises for Chest, shoulders, bicep, triceps and back. If you are going to the gym you can consult your trainer for those exercises. and main thing as i mentioned Listen to your body do not over do any exercises.

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